First Prison Term for Conscientious Objector Moriel Rothman

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Conscientious objector Moriel Rothman sentenced to prison for his refusal to join the Israeli Army.

Moriel Rothman, 23 year old from, Jerusalem, arrived yesterday morning, Wednesday, 24 October, to the Induction Base in Jerusalem, where he declared his refusal to serve in the Israeli Army as it is an occupying force. She was sentenced to 10 days of imprisonment for his refusal.


In his refusal declaration Moriel Rothman wrote:

"But it cannot be said lightly, the time has long passed for gentle language and “hear-able” rhetoric: The Occupation– which is the IDF's primary function these days- is cruelty and injustice manifest. The Occupation is anti-God, anti-Love and staggeringly, constantly violent. The Occupation is based on a system of racial/ethnic separation that does, in fact, resemble South African Apartheid and segregation in the Southern United States until the 1960s. And this “temporary” Occupation is not “on its way out,” but is rather growing in strength every single day. There is almost zero political will within Israel’s government to end it, and the Israeli public has largely accepted the status quo, in which the occupation is basically a theoretical question, and one of which many have grown tired. But the occupation can only be theoretical if you are not occupied, and thus my refusal to support the occupation by serving in the IDF is also an act of solidarity with Palestinians living under occupation."


You can read the full declaration on Moriel's Blog here.

His prison address is:

Moriel Rothman 
Military ID 

Military Prison No. 6

Military Postal Code 01860, IDF
Fax: ++972-4-9540580

Since the prison authorities often block mail from reaching imprisoned objectors, we also recommend you to send them your letters of support and encouragement via e-mail to: (hitting “reply all” to this message will send the message to the same address), and they will be printed out and delivered during visits.

Recommended Action

First of all, please circulate this message and the information contained in it as widely as possible, not only through e-mail, but also on websites, social networks, conventional media, by word of mouth, etc.

Other recommendations for action:

1. Sending Letters of Support

Please send Moriel letters of support to the prison address above and via e-mail to:

2. Letters to Authorities

It is recommended to send letters of protest on the objectors’ behalf, preferably by fax, to:

Mr. Ehud Barak,
Minister of Defence,
Ministry of Defence,
Tel-Aviv 61909,
E-mail: or
Tel.: ++972-3-6975220
Fax: ++972-3-6962757

Copies of your letters can also be sent to the commander of the military prison at:

Commander of Military Prison No. 6,
Military Prison No. 6
Military Postal Code 01860, IDF
Fax: ++972-4-9540580

Another useful address for sending copies would be the Military Attorney General:

Denny Efroni,
Chief Military Attorney
Military postal code 9605, IDF
Fax: ++972-3-569-45-26

It would be especially useful to send your appeals to the Commander of the Induction Base in Tel-HaShomer. It is this officer that ultimately decides whether an objector is to be exempted from military service or sent to another round in prison, and it is the same officer who is ultimately in charge of the military Conscience Committee:

Gil Ben Shaul,
Commander of Induction Base,
Meitav, Tel-HaShomer
Military Postal Code 02718, IDF
Fax: ++972-3-737-60-52

For those of you who live outside Israel, it would be very effective to send protests to your local Israeli embassy. You can find the address of your local embassy on the web.

Here is a generic sample letter, which you can use in sending appeals to authorities on the prisoners’ behalf. Feel free to modify this letter or write your own:


Dear Sir/Madam,

It has come to my attention that Moriel Rothman (military ID 5410557), a conscientious objector to military service, has been imprisoned for the first time for his refusal to become part of the Israeli army, and is held in Military Prison no. 6 near Atlit.

The imprisonment of conscientious objectors such as Rothman is a violation of international law, of basic human rights and of plain morals. 

I therefore call for the immediate and unconditional release from prison of Moriel Rothman, without threat of further imprisonment in the future, and urge you and the system you are heading to respect the dignity and person of conscientious objectors, indeed of all persons, in the future.



3. Letters to media in Israel and in other countries

Writing op-ed pieces and letters to editors of media in Israel and other 
countries could also be quite useful in indirectly but powerfully 
pressuring the military authorities to let go of the objectors and in 
bringing their plight and their cause to public attention. 

Here are some contact details for the main media outlets in Israel: 



      2 Karlibach st.

      Tel-Aviv 67132


      Fax: +972-3-561-06-14

      Yedioth Aharonoth:

      2 Moses st.



    Fax: +972-3-608-25-46
      Ha'aretz (Hebrew):

      21 Schocken st.

      Tel-Aviv, 61001


    Fax: +972-3-681-00-12
      Ha'aretz (English edition):

      21 Schocken st.

      Tel-Aviv, 61001


      Fax: +972-3-512-11-56

      Israel Hayom:

      2 Hashlosha st.

      The B1 Building



      Jerusalem Post:

      P.O. Box 81

      Jerusalem 91000


      Fax: +972-2-538-95-27

      Radio (fax numbers):

      Kol-Israel +972-2-531-33-15

      and +972-3-694-47-09

    Galei Zahal +972-3-512-67-20
      Television (fax numbers):

      Channel 1 +972-2-530-15-36

      Channel 2 +972-2-533-98-09

    Channel 10 +972-3-733-16-66




We will continue updating on further developments. 

Thank you for your attention and action, 


Rawan Eghbariah

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